An Adult Day Services (ADS) Assistant is part of the day-to-day operation of our Adult Day Program, Monday thru Friday. They provide direct care to our participant’s.

What is an Adult Day Services Assistant?

Adult Day Services Assistants are the team that is responsible to help our participants arrive safely to our ADS program. They assist with transportation needs to and from the facility, to local appointments and outings. They help with personal cares as well as daily activities. Training requirements vary from PCA, NAR, or TMA. All staff are required to obtain first aid and CPR training.

This position requires someone that is reliable and dependable, and enjoys getting to know the participant’s and their families. Our program provides a home-like environment where everyone can participate at their fullest level. Our goal is to assist our participants to remain in their current homes and/or providing respite services for loved ones.

A typical Day of an Adult Day Service Assistant

Our staff arrive to the Adult Day Services facility at 7:45 am each day. Their first task is to prepare the room and items needed for the day (food, beverages, utensils, activities, etc.). Then they head out into the community to pick up our participants using our ADS vans. They meet our participant’s and families at their homes.

After we pick up our participants, we head back to campus to start our day. We begin with a morning welcome while sharing a snack. During this time we reminisce and review current events. After current events, we complete exercise group, then move on to activities such as bingo, going to the mall or dollar store, going to a restaurant for lunch, playing board games, and many more. During the admission process we get to know each participant,  learning what they like to do and then we incorporate as many items as possible into our program. We provide lunch and an afternoon snack daily.

While these activities/events are happening, the ADS staff is also providing daily cares and participant’s needs, fulfilling each of their individualized care plans. These range from helping with a bath/shower or bringing them to a local appointment, completing an individual program with them. Staff compete daily documentation and are provided with ongoing education.

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