Foley Nursing Center Introduces the Team Lead Program

For the past several months, our Director of Nursing Robyn Rakke and Care Staff Development Coordinator Pamela Vizenor have been working hard to develop a Team Lead program. The Team Lead initiative has been a long-time goal of Robyn’s as she sees great value in growing and developing staff to provide the highest level of care.  The Team Leads will play a vital role in this as they are working side-by-side with our frontline staff daily. The Team Leads will be readily available to:

  • Provide direction and coordination of care during shifts
  • Lead and direct staff through difficult situations as they occur
  • Utilize their years of care experience to assist with insight of new projects going on in the facility to continue improvement with our PIPP Grant
  • Reinforce positive support and assurance to co-workers with daily task, residents, and family members


The ability to create the program came to fruition under the facility’s PIPP Grant which focuses on improving employee retention.  The Team Lead program will not only help acclimate our new staff to their role, but help our current staff grow, which will create a better work experience for all. The program is currently being used by the Nursing team, however, the facility plans to incorporate this model among other departments within the campus like housekeeping, dietary and laundry to name a few.

The Team Lead program was rolled out the first week of October with a Training Kick-Off meeting in which the Team Leads completed their initial training, learned the expectations of their role and collaborated with each other.

We are excited to welcome our Team Leads to their new roles!!   Congratulations to our Team Leads: Jeanne Boyle-LPN, Jordyn Edling-RN, Amy Beck NAR, Lisa Taylor- NAR, Ashlynn Harlan-NAR, Tabby Chmielewski-NAR, Raya Aspinwall-NAR